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About Us

Strucsol were founded in 2017 by Jonathan Thomas and Victor Anderton.

Jonathan has been in the Building repair industry since 1981. Jon has worked as a Labourer, Craftsman, Surveyor, Engineer, Manager, Product Developer, Training Manager, Technical Director and Managing Director of some of the Largest and most innovative Building repair and restoration companies in the UK.

Jon has worked all over the world on projects as diverse as Bridges, Pyramids, Sky Scrapers, High Rise, Tunnels, Dams, Canals, Houses of all natures and constructions, from Foundations to Superstructures.

Jon has worked as a Consultant to

U.N.E.S.C.O, English Heritage, Cadw, S.P.A.B amongst many others. The humble English home , remains at the core of our business.

Strucsol was founded to produce specialist products at affordable prices for the specialist repair contractor.

Having trained thousands  of contractors over the last 30 years , we still believe there is more to learn and better ways to repair buildings, our continued interaction with the end users of our products ensures we still keep learning.