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Cracked brickwork above window openings is nearly always a result of installing U.P.V.C. replacement windows.

The original timber, or metal window frames were designed to carry our the job of a window lintel, principally to carry the load of the outer leaf brickwork over the window opening, This was common practice on cavity wall constructed properties built from the early 1950s, to the Late 1980s.

U.P.V.C windows are not structurally able to withstand or support the weight of the brickwork over the opening , this eventually leads to cracking within the brickwork directly above the opening and distortion to the U.P.V.C window opening.

Traditionally, The more conscientious window installers would take out the brickwork immediately above the opening , install a steel lintel , then rebuild the brickwork , prior to fitting the new U.P.V.C window.

The cosmetic results of this work are variable and often leave unsightly scars and poor colour matches on the face of the building,

In areas where no remedial action was taken prior to fitting the new windows collapsed brickwork and window frames is the usual end result.

The Strucsol Lintel replacement system is designed to remove the need for expensive demolition and rebuild of Over window brickwork.

High strength wires are bonded into Hight strength Mortars or grouts, and hidden within the Horizontal mortar bed joints above the window opening. Leaving very little evidence of the repair process.

wires and resin

The Retro fit lintel can be fully functional within 1hour and is accepted by building control as an engineered solution.

pointing up

The system is generally best installed by an approved contractor, who will be able to offer the benefits of a Fully insurance backed warranty .

Materials, tooling can be purchased from our online shop.

Further information can be provided by our support team via email