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Introducing Techno-Crete

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Product News

Strucsol are proud to announce the launch of Technocrete, a revolutionary “Foundation In Your Pocket” for posts, poles and signage.

Technocrete has been designed to resolve the multiple issues associated with using concrete and post mix in remote access sites such as railways, telecoms sites and agricultural fencing.

A 1.6 Kg bag of technocrete replaces 60kg of post mix and 20 litres of water required to mix the product.

Working within Manual handling limits of 20KG an operative can carry sufficient material to set 12 posts in 1 transit.

A similar operation carried out with pre bagged post mix would take the same operative 48 visits to complete the task.

Technocrete is an environmentally friendly product made from 80% bio content with Recycled crop oils forming 60% of the material.

Technocrete has been Independently certified by geotechnical consultants as being appropriate for the formation of Foundations in all types of soil.

Consistent quality – Technocrete is formed of 2 components which when mixed create a chemical reaction. Consistency through the mix is guaranteed, the end product is a footing of consistent strength throughout. No more hoping the water drains consistently through the post mix!

Technocrete is structurally supporting within 10 minutes.