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StrucSol E.A.S.F Resin Kit


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Strucsol EASF Resin is the highest grade rapid setting structural resin available. Unlike styrene based polyester resin, Styrene free Epoxy acrylate resin can be used for bonding anchors and fixings in wet materials and has a lower shrinkage than Polyester resin- achieving much higher bond strengths.

The removal of the styrene element does make the resin a little more expensive than polyester however comes with the added benefits:

  • Safer for the user due to the lack of noxious fumes- thus allowing for indoor use
  • Higher bond strengths
  • Bonding underwater.

We recommend Our Epoxy Acrylate Resin for bonding all structural anchors into all Masonry/Concrete and substrates.

Setting time 5/15 Mins dependent on the ambient temperature, setting quicker in warmer temperatures (see cure data on labels)


For cold environment use: warm the resin in a tub of warm water for 15mins to allow the resin to flow easier out of the nozzles.

Resin tube fits standard 380mm/400ml Resin guns .

For high volume use consider our Auto Resin gun, making effortless controlled application of resin.

Bonding of all metal anchors to Brick,

Stone and Concrete.
Bonding of helical wire into bed joints and stone.
Security anchors
Scaffold Anchors
Resin Bonded wall ties
Crack stitching
Masonry Beam and Lintel Installation
Cavity Wall Ties

Setting time:  Initial cure 5 mins /15 mins.

Cartridge size 

380/ML useable contents - 410/ML fill.

We have removed the styrene component from this resin, Strucsol EASF is safe for use indoors and in enclosed environments.

Styrene produces a very strong odour and is not appropriate for indoor use.
Styrene based resins are cheaper to produce and are acceptable for use outdoors.

Strucsol EASF works in wet conditions and bonds to Damp materials without loss of performance.

 All of our materials and tools are manufactured to the highest quality and are real world tested to ensure quality and reliability. All orders are shipped 1st class delivery same day (if order placed before 3pm, otherwise will be posted first thing next business day)

If you need any other materials, tools, resources or any advice regarding specific building requirements- don't hesitate to contact us through here or our website (phone support available). Just search Strucsol and we'll be more than happy to help.

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Pack size & tools

x3 Resin with Nozzles, x3 Resin with nozzles and gun, x12 Resin with nozzles, x12 Resin with nozzles and gun


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