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StrucSol Diffusion D.P.C


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Diffusion D.P.C has been developed to reduce the reliance on high pressure pumping equipment to insert a chemical D.P.C.

Diffusion D.P.C is delivered into the damp wall via a series of 10mm diameter holes drilled at 150mm spacings 150mm above ground.

Diffusion is pumped into the pre drilled holes via a simple calking gun, or a hand pump where large volumes are required.

A reservoir of diffusion is left in the drilled hole which over a short period of time disperses into the porous materials of the wall and sets to form a moisture impervious barrier.

The diffusion barrier prevents further passage of moisture from below ground entering into the superstructure.

Diffusion is available in:

  • 300ml cartridge
  • 1000 ml Cartridge
  • 5000ml Bulk Pack


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