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This kit comes with everything you need to carry out 5 vertical metres of structural cracking in face brickwork.

The brickwork bed joint is removed using the SDS removal tool

The wires are bonded in the high strength mortar, using the gun and compacting tool provided.

See separate specification notes for full usage instructions

The High tensile Helical wires are installed in the horizontal brickwork bed joints beneath the surface.

Brickwork mortar is removed using a wall chaser, angle grinder or SDS plugging chisel to a depth of 30mm from the surface,  500mm either side of the vertical crack.


The slots are cut into the wall at vertical spacings of between 450 and 600 mm.

Once the slot has been cut it must be cleaned of any residual dust and loose material.

Once all dust is removed the slot is sprayed with water to assist bonding.

Check the wire fits into the slot. then remove it and set it aside for use a little later.

mix the grout  thoroughly using the Paddle whisk and a drill, ensure the grout is a smooth consistency.

Load the grout into the back of the gun 

Apply a bead of the fixing resin approximately 10mm deep to the full length of the the prepared slot.

Refit the Ultrabar into the slot pushing it firmly into the bed of  HS Grout using the finger trowel.

Apply another bead of the fixing  HS Grout approximately 10mm thick ensuring the bar is fully covered in Grout.

Compress the grout into the slot using the finger trowel.

apply your pointing mortar into the remaining 10mm and finish the joint to blend therepair into the original pointing .

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