Strucsol UltraBar 6mm Crack stitching , Masonry beaming, Lintel repair

  • Description

This product is the most commonly used and specified Helical bar 

Typical Uses

Crack stitching, , Masonry beaming. Bespoke wall repairs.,cavity wall ties.


Ultra Strong304Cu Austinitec Stainless steel reinforcement bar.. 

High Fin Profile for extra Adhesion

Twice cold work hardened  for Higher tensile Strength.

For use in crack stitching masonry Lintels and general structural repair.

Can be bonded in StrucSol Grout or StrucSol Resin.A

Also available for use in marine environments in 316 grade stainless steel for 20% SURCHARGE.

5mm bar is used for reinforcement work in thin bed joint masonry

6mm is the most commonly used and specified material for crack stitching and masonry beaming.

7mm bar is commonly used for grouted anchors installed through drilled pilot holes in addition to masonry beaming

8mm bar is used for masonry beaming and grouted ties, where very high loads are expected

9mm bar is used for grouted ties and resin bonded anchors where high than normal loads are anticipated

10 mm bar is used for mechanically bonded anchors in timber and masonry.

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